Esotericism (Mysticism). From Encyclopedia “Religions of the World”, v.2, 1996, “Avanta +

(Translated by Kirill Zubarev) A one’s limited mind, at first superficial sight, perceives each religion as different one from another. Each religion has its own gods, holy books, prayers, rituals, holy places and temples, as well as numerous rules by which believers should live. What, in one religion, is considered as a virtue, in another […]

Hindu Tantra. From Encyclopedia “Religions of the World”, v.1, 1997, “Avanta +

(Translated by Kirill Zubarev) Many thousands of years ago, among an amazing beauty of tropical valleys, surrounded by eternal snows of the great Himalayas and filled with fragrance of flowers and singing birds, on the shores of the purest mountain rivers, Parvati asked her beloved Shiva: “O Shiva, what is your true reality? What is […]

About Love. Interview with A.Lapin, 1994.

(Translated by Kirill Zubarev) QUESTION: There are so many people now who are engaged in all sorts of practices of self-perfection, they “work on themselves.” Such practices can bring tangible results, and the practicians, of course, are able to get a feeling of some kind of spiritual transformation, of internal progress. So, can such sense of […]

About Sex. On the A.Lapin’s interview materials of 1994.

(Translated by Kirill Zubarev) In ordinary human life there are three opportunities to encounter the mysticism. It is birth, sex and death. And if birth and death usually occur, as a rule, once in life, sex occurs more often. But most people miss this opportunity to meet mysticism… If sex for you is just a […]